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So what exactly is 'layout design'?

As a layout designer, my focus is on using elements such as typography, colour, imagery, illustrations and content hierarchy, to capture the attention of your audience, providing them with clear and concise messaging as to what your product or services are offering them.

Understanding the principles of typography is a key component of my job, as different fonts can influence the audience and inform them how to approach the page. If the layout of a page or product is too complicated, or misunderstood, it's likely that the core messaging will be lost.

My job is to make sure that your magazine subscribers can quickly identify and follow your publications, help them easily find the information they're looking for.

My job is to persuade potential customers to purchase your hair product, over the 20 other products next to it on the shelf by visually capturing their attention, and letting your product sell itself.

My job is to make sure that your business proposals are clean and professional, allowing your clients to be able to digest your information, and focus on what's important to you without distraction.

My job is to make sure that everyone who receives an online order from you, receives your full brand experience from the comfort of their own home, from start to finish.

Designing materials for both printed and digital platforms, layout designers tend to work on a variety of projects, from magazines, books, proposal documents, flyers, adverts, brochures and product packaging.

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