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Personal Project


Creator & Designer

Using my own experience living with Endometriosis, a chronic pelvic pain condition, I decided to combine my passion for design with my need to keep on top of my daily pain symptoms, my appointments and my medications. What started out as a personal project for me, has turned into a physical journal called Symjo. I created it with a whole lotta love, in the hopes that it will help to make the lives of others like me living with chronic pain conditions just that wee bit easier to manage.

Symjo aims to promote the value of self-care and to give Chronic Pain sufferers the power to truly advocate for their own health. It's so important for us all to learn to take time out from our busy lives and listen to our bodies – they tell us a great deal when we choose to listen to them.

10% from each journal sale will be donated to the EXPPECT Endometriosis team in Edinburgh, Scotland, for their incredible on-going support to me and thousands of other people living with endometriosis.

For more details or to purchase your own copy, visit

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