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I’m Megan, creator and designer of Symjo! I was diagnosed with a chronic pelvic pain condition called endometriosis in 2017, and find it difficult to keep on top of my symptoms on a day to day basis. Time flies by so quickly and appointments, medications and information all seem to gel into one big squiggly mess inside my head.

I created the Symjo journal with a whole lotta love, in the hopes that it will help to make the lives of others like me living with chronic pain conditions just that wee bit easier to manage.

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The Symjo journal is split
into 4 sections;

‘Daily Symptoms'; to keep track of daily symptoms, pain scale, area of pain and medications taken.

‘Medical Journey’; to track of all the medications you’ve tried and tested, along with their side-effects.

‘Appointments'; to write in upcoming appointment details, with following note pages to take along with you to keep your notes in one place.

‘Useful Bits'; a space to write in important contacts, recommendations and self-care routines.

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