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Becky Schoener


Kindle Book Cover Design

A Kindle book cover designed for self-published author, Becky Schoener, who lives in Virginia, USA. Becky approached me looking for a new cover design that was clean, modern and depicted the love story between the two main characters.

Other work completed for Becky can be found here.

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"Megan has successfully designed two beautiful Kindle Book Covers for me (Click here to see other titles). Her work is exceptional; she is speedy and efficient. She understood my specific needs quickly, and completely with a minimum of explanation needed. Her first presentation included the perfect final choice, both times! We did not need to go in and change or fix anything! 

Working with Megan is so easy, she makes it seem to take no effort at all to produce the EXACT designs I had wanted and needed all along! Megan takes on your project with calm confidence. There was a minimum of fuss and bother and a maximum of what I wanted. My fear about turning to a professional and having my own ideas overwhelmed by theirs, disappeared when I began working with Megan. In fact she is the opposite of overpowering; she quietly perceived my needs and translated them into a fantastic design that hits the target perfectly.

Megan’s design skills include both a subdued understatement and a very wonderfully surprising bold and creative streak; she can tap into both.  She is equally capable of clarity, quality and logical visual design; she is very good with fonts, and her page layout skills result in balance and stability. She was 100% successful in taking what I gave her and making it extraordinarily expressive of my own inner visions. Her work is vibrant, eye catching, and clear!"

– Becky Schoener, Author

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